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All I Want For Christmas....

Pop quiz: what does Shannon Walsh want for Christmas?

(this is not a trick question. There is a right answer, and Shannon's entire Dear Santa letter will be in your hot little hands this week)

Let's put some faces to these names.  #thewalshes #sexyarchitects
Let's put some faces to these names. #thewalshes #sexyarchitects
Who knew girls were the best dirty talkers?
Who knew girls were the best dirty talkers?

Christmas in Cabo - the Underneath It All holiday epilogue


Christmas Eve

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Commodore held Lauren’s hand and studied the ring on her finger. He cut a sharp glance to me, then Lauren, and back to me. She didn’t notice. She went right on guzzling her margarita as if the Commodore wasn’t trying to vaporize me with his glare.

"That’s quite the rock," he said. "Only two reasons a man buys something like that: he’s making up for shortcomings or asking forgiveness."

The unspoken question lingered over the table while a mariachi band played holiday tunes, circulating through the resort’s restaurant.

"My sister, Erin, helped me pick it out," I said, reaching for my water glass. "She’s a geologist. She actually talked me out of a larger stone. Erin said this one," I nodded to Lauren’s hand, still in the Commodore’s grip. "Was flawless. Perfect. Rare. And I knew it was the one for Lauren."

The Commodore stared at me, his expression clearly articulating his contempt for my response. And as much as I disliked this exercise, I expected it. Lauren had told me more than a few stories about her absurdly protective father and brothers, and I was the guy they’d never met.

The guy who intended to marry his daughter.


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Chapter 1 - A Special Treat

The Space Between (The Walsh Series Book 2) - Kate Canterbary

I have a little secret. Ready? Okay good. There's a tiny preview of THE SPACE BETWEEN, the second book in The Walsh Series, available *now.* And by "tiny preview" I mean the entire first chapter. Love it, share, come back and tell me all about it! 

Sneak Preview of Chapter 2, UNDERNEATH IT ALL

Underneath It All (The Walsh Series Book 1) - Kate Canterbary

Cocktails and Books has the exclusive preview here: http://www.cocktailsandbooks.com/chapter-excerpt-underneath-it-all-kate-canterbary/


Sneak Preview of Chapter 1, UNDERNEATH IT ALL

Underneath It All (The Walsh Series Book 1) - Kate Canterbary

Love Between the Sheets has the exclusive first look: http://www.readlovelust.com/2014/10/underneath-kate-canterbary-exclusive.html